A Mysterious Creature Spotted Along An Indonesian Forest Trail Is Creeping People Out

A video of a strange creature spotted by bikers along a dirt track in Banda Aceh, Northern Sumatra is getting a ton of consideration. The creature look like being half-naked, shorter than the normal human, and was holding a stick while running at full speed from the bikers.

One of the riders tumbled off his motorbike after the mysterious creature suddenly jumped in front of him from the trees. His friends attempted to catch up with it, yet the creature was too quick and vanished into the bushes.

The bikers stopped at the spot where the animal vanished, and they could discover the stick it was holding before. The baffling figure itself, be that as it may, was already gone.

Some people said that the creature is a tribesman.

Some speculate what the bikers spotted is an man from the Mante tribe, which is believed to be forest dwellers. They are said to be littler than the normal people and are not neighborly to unwanted guests.

Some say, in any case, that the Mante does not exist.

What do you think?

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