After Months Of Silence, Kathie Lee Finally Admits What We’ve All Been Suspecting

Kathie Lee Gifford has never been scared of sharing subtle details of her own life, profession, and commitment to God. Yet, after the death of her husband Frank Gifford and mother Joan Epstein, Kathie Lee fell silent and pulled back into herself.

The days felt longer and Kathie Lee swung to her faith as a place of comfort. Presently she’s prepared to stand up and speak some of the greatest difficulties she has been through lately.

That eagerness to open up is precisely why she sat down with the “I Am Second” crew and shared her most private thoughts on losing friends and family, loneeliness, and faith…

Her whole life, Kathie Lee’s confronted greater affliction and cruel conduct within the entertainment industry than most Hollywood figures could envision. Casting agents turned her down, called her names and revealed to her she could never make it in the brutal universe of entertainment. Fortunately, they weren’t right and Kathie Lee’s profession bloomed just as she met her husband of 29 years, Frank.

In spite of their very own difficulties, Kathie Lee and Frank stayed devoted to each other and were decided to make their marriage work.

So when Kathie Lee discovered her husband’s body in August 2015, she was completely devastated. In any case, the possibility of Frank meeting God and relaxing in the Kingdom of Heaven helped her go through this agony easier.

She told the “I Am Second” crew:

After her better half’s passing, Kathie Lee turned to her mom and kids for support. Be that as it may, only two years after Frank’s passing, her mom went along with him in Heaven.

With her two kids too far to see frequently, the thought of being all alone was too much to endure. She said:

Gratefully, Kathie Lee realizes that God will always be close by. With His love, she can conquer anything – and trusting that her friends and family are in a better place gives her a feeling of solace.

It takes a brave person to open up about such a sensitive subject, and we appreciate Kathie Lee for her courage strength to do so!

See below Kathie Lee’s emotional interview:

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