Mommy takes baby shopping through Christmas aisle. Reaction is taking internet by storm

Since Halloween is behind us, it’s something normal for stores to begin setting out their Christmas stock. From the beautiful Christmas trees to the singing Santa Clauses, there’re so many things to look at and buy it!

This mom was in the same situation when her sweet child stopped by the store to buy a couple of things and moved past the Christmas segment.

Fortunately mom had the camera running the whole time and could catch her son’s lovely reaction…

As per Parents Magazine, babies love to stare at colors that their eyes see best. Glowing colors like red and green are easy for their eyes to spot following a half year old and they tend to lock onto them!

Beside the attractive colors, the blinking, twinkling Christmas lights are another amazing thing to look at.

Specialist Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, clarifies that sparkling things are ideal for getting an infant’s attention. That is one reason children love to play with jewelry and other sparkly things.

The Christmas decorations are a sensory boost for this sweet baby. The trees, stuffed Santas and blinking lights are stunning to him and he can’t contain his happiness!

Despite the fact that this little one is more astonished by the fun colors and lights, a lot of us share his fervor when we know that Christmas is near corner!

This video will definitely make you smile!

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