Mom Thinks She Hears Her Kids Eating Whipped Cream From A Can And Goes To Confront The Guilty Party.

Obviously, whipped cream is pretty much as powerful to canines as it is to people. Casey Officer discovered this out one day while she was at home in California. She thought that her children was planning something naughty in the kitchen when she heard the unmistakable sound of a can of whipped cream being consumed. Like any great mother, she headed toward research, yet as opposed to seeing one of her children eating straight from the can, she found her four-legged friend Stiggy on the floor with it!

The delightful white puppy had the can before him and he was licking joyfully away at it. He was utilizing one of his front paws to hold it from rolling while he utilized his teeth to cautiously apportion the heavenly desert straight into his mouth. Watching him go at it is funny and Casey can be heard out of sight laughing uncontrollably at seeing her canine being so senseless. Stiggy is either truly keen and shrewd or he simply cherishes sugar and flavor and everything that is sweet!

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