Mom asks toddler why she has been crying. Her response will melt your heart

We all know that little kids are jealous on their smaller brothers. It is hard for a youngster to share parents’ affection and realize they can love another person. Be that as it may, there are situations when this little children happily welcome their new siblings to the family. They may be very excited and tender to their brothers and sisters, yet this charming two-year-old young lady named Ellia takes this affection to a completely new level!

The video underneath was recorded by Ellia’s mother, Esther Anderson who has as of late gave a birth another baby girl. Toward the start of the video, you can hear a tyke crying from another room. Then her mother films herself with an infant in her arms and says: “This is going to be a long day. It’s been already a long night.” She is plainly depleted, however what happened next definitely melted her heart.

The mother asked her little girl what had happened and for what good reason she had been crying. Looks like her girl just woke up a bit surly and didn’t have any any reason to get upset. In any case, at any rate, she began embracing her little sister and said the sweetest thing ever! Watch the cute video beneath to hear Ellia’s reaction.

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