Military fort transformed into a luxury hotel

In the nineteenth century, Lord Palmerston ordered the construction of three forts near Porthsmouth, to defend an important maritime base against the attacks of Napoleon III. After the forts did their job, they have been left unused. But Mike Clare, CEO at Dreams Plc, saw in this a good opportunity to transform them into luxury buildings, more exactly in an exclusive resort.

It is said that Mike Clare paid around £ 1 million pounds for the purchase of the forts, which are going to be converted into luxury hotels. The first fort converted is the third fort, Spitbank Fort.
Following an investment of £ 3 million, former military building, was converted into one of the most luxury hotels from Great Britain.

 Basically, the 50 original rooms were converted into eight luxurious double bedrooms, a conference room, three bars, three restaurants, a spa and a gym, the rest being either relaxation areas or simply rooms for staff.
The adventure begins on a craft board, which takes the guests from the Royal Clarence Marina Gosport up to the Spitbank Fort. Breakfast is served on the roof of the lighthouse, overlooking Portsmouth on the horizon. Dinner can be served in the restaurant, offering gourmet cuisine prepared by Chef Nikolaus Boyle and the experience of having a dinner in a room with historical significance -“The Officer’s Mess”-, the room where the fort military officers ate.


The day ends in the old rooms of guns, directed to France, where now you can find one of the eight luxurious bedrooms.
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