Daria Radionova , a 21 years old student from Moldova , established for some time in London, stunned the British people when she parked her brand new car, a Mercedes CLS 350, on the Knightsbridge streets, one of the most eccentric districts in London.

Daria wanted to be unique, so she decided to Pimp out her birthday present in a unique way. Thus she hired a team of specialists from Russia who worked 12 hours a day for two months to install the crystals on her automobile. Daria Radionova argues that this work plus workers accommodation cost not less than $ 24.500 while only for crystals she paid approximately $ 32.700.


I wanted to have something unique and special. Those who did this job are experts from Russia who worked 12 hours a day for two months. I am very happy with the result. Everywhere I go, people stop to look and take pictures of my car. It receives much attention from those who pass besides me in traffic. Sometimes I fear that someone could make an accident because of that.


Furthermore, Daria Radionova said that when she will sells her “beauty”, all the money will be donated to charity.