“Melanin Goddess” Stuns the Internet With Her Beautiful Dark Skin

“They called me Darky, little girl of the night, mother of the stars.”

People of the Internet are staggered by Khoudia Diop’s dark skin. The Senegalese model who was once nicknamed “darky” and “little girl of the night” is accepting overpowering positive criticism for her striking elements, particularly on Instagram where she consistently shares pictures of herself

Khoudia concedes that she wasn’t generally so certain—she was tormented and called names when she was more youthful due to her skin tone, however she’s grasped her uniqueness and gives careful consideration to cynicism.

Khoudia’s certainty and state of mind is motivating youthful dark young ladies everywhere throughout the world to feel good about their skin. Skin blanching is a major issue in Africa and Asia where a large number of ladies use brightening creams to attempt and fit into a world ruled by Western standards of beauty.

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