Meet Nutmeg, the oldest cat in the world! He is celebrating his 31 birthday! Happy birthday, cutie!

The oldest feline on the planet has recently celebrated his 31st birthday (141 human years). Can you believe it?

The pet named Nutmeg picked his proprietors himself, showing up at their lawn around 26 years back. Loving proprietors Liz and Ian Finlay took the feline in 1990 after he had made companions with their feline Spice. When they took him to the vet to treat a sore on his neck, the proprietors were informed that the feline would not have the capacity to get along for over five years. In this way, Nutmeg had lived out 31years. And guess what? He feels awesome!

A year ago Nutmeg endured a serious stroke, yet he recuperated.

“He is not our feline, and we are his people, and he never enables us to forget about it. Perhaps this is the mystery of his long and cheerful life,” says Liz.

Formally the oldest feline on the planet is 26-year-old feline Velvet from Oregon. To meet all requirements for the Guinness Book of Records, the proprietors need to introduce archives to demonstrate their feline’s age. Liz and Ian are taking a shot at it at this moment.

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