Meet Freddy: he’s over 7-feet tall and is the biggest dog in the world

Usually, when we think of “monster” dogs, Great Danes are the first that ring a bell. Every one who saw one can say that it is a gigantic dog. Their mind blowing size is truly something to behold.

Freddy is an awesome dane from Essex, England and he is no special case. Freddy is 7 feet 6 inches tall and is the tallest canine on the planet.

When Freddy’s mother Claire Stoneman brought Freddy home, she knew he would develop into a major puppy – as most Great Danes do. She realized that the normal Great Dane male can weigh up to 190 pounds and remain at around 33 inches tall. What she didn’t have a clue, was that he’d soon develop to far outperform those estimations.

Freddy is more than two feet taller than Claire when he remains on his back legs and he tips the scales at more than 200 pounds.

A year ago he was officially perceived as the world biggest dog by the Guinness World Records.

While most proprietors may be put off by his gigantic size, Claire says she doesn’t have anything but love for her goliath baby.

Freddy lives with Claire, her kids, and his Great Dane sister, Fluer.

Together, Freddy and Fluer devour an unimaginable measure of sustenance to keep them cheerful and solid. Their most loved snacks are said to incorporate dish chicken and peanut butter on toast.

Claire says her basic supply charges cost over $15 000 a year alone. Demolished furniture and other broken items add thousands more to Freddy’s costs count.

“I’d gotten back home and discover an ocean of foam over the floor. In any case, he’s my baby and I can’t envision life without him,” said Claire.

Claire’s days now consist of long strolls and super huge meal prep for her two babies.

The strolls regularly take around 40 minutes and they need to leave at an early hour in the morning to escape run-ins with littler canines who might be scared by his size. It’s additionally a wellbeing measure as Claire would not have the capacity to physically limit him if something somehow happened to turn out badly.

Claire doesn’t trust this could ever happen, particularly now that he is getting older, he has calmed down a considerable amount and likes to be at home snuggling with his family.

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