Man visits prison with service dog – then dog sprints towards inmate

This is the story of Pax, a lovely service puppy who gave a disabled vet the chance to restore the soul of a correctional facility prisoner.

Bill Campbell, an Iraq war veteran, returned home with 100% disability because of horrendous concussive brain injury. His family feared for Bill’s personal health and quality of life, but gratefully, Bill was lucky to get a wonderful golden labrador service canine named Pax.

Pax, a completely prepared PTSD service dog, gave Bill the energy to live once again after coming back from the war.

Bill was so grateful for Pax that he wanted to meet the lady who trained him. In this way, the two traveled to Bedford Hills Women Correctional Facility to visit Pax’s coach, a lady named Lauri.

Once inside the office, Pax started to feel a little bit nostalgic. With his tail swinging and the eyes sparkling with excitement to be at the correctional office, he was clearly happy to be there.

The minute Pax saw Lauri enter, he kept running as quick as he could as he recalled his old best companion.

Seeing her best friend after all this time, Lauri began to cry.

This beautiful dog manage to change th life of Bill and Lauri and deserves our respect! Well done Pax!

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