Man films train barreling down tracks, captures stunning moment it collides with wall of snow

A colossal snowstorm had covered Canada leaving hills of snow all over the place, including drifts piled up at a railroad crossing. Fortunately this man who was watching this beautiful site of the train blasting its way through the majestic white snow piled up on the railroad tracks, managed to capture on his camera this beautiful event. The view is just beautifu!

The train drives the day by day CN manifest trail 406 west from Moncton to Saint John in New Brunswick. This specific crossing point is at Salisbury.

In spite of the fact that the train engineers and team have a 10,000 foot view of the track and what lies ahead, it winds up with a monster wellspring of snow shooting in all directions as it pushes its way down the railroad track. What the train does with Mother Nature’s white cover is just amazing.

See below the breathtaking moment when the train hits the snow on the railroad track.

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