Lucky chinese guy survives 25 years unknowingly cracking nuts with hand grenade

Ignorance is happiness, they say. It could be valid at specific circumstances however not when you’re playing with a thing that can blow you to pieces. Take the instance of this man in China, who was utilizing this odd-looking instrument to split walnuts. He’s been doing this for 25 years.

Looks harmless, you say? Well he understood it was exactly the opposite when he was visited by the police in his home area of Ankang in Shaanxi. He discovered that the odd thing he was using was really a hand grenade. Luckily, he saw a pamphlet contained a rundown of items that were illegal to have. He saw one that looks precisely like the one he was using to crack nuts.

As indicated by reports, the projectile was given to the man by a companion as a present. Luckily, it didn’t explode amid every one of those times of hitting nuts. The police didn’t know whether the device still contained explosives at that time.

Now it comes the question whether this friend gave the grenade in order to harm his friend or he was as clueless as the guy he gave the grenade? What do you think?

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