This little boy amazes André Rieu and his audience with his brilliant performance. Beautiful!

Let’s face it, all of us when we see kids in front of an audience, we most likely don’t expect anything extraordinary from them. Us, the audience, almost always, expect for a weak performance, however once in a while there is something that amazes us.

And this little boy does exactly that. To begin with, simply take a look at him and envision what you will listen. Now, play the video and see the difference.

From the primary sound, you’ll be astonished. Little 5-year-old, Akim Camara, plays the violin as if he was a grown-up. Simply look how proficient and cleaned his movements are.

For sure you’ll watch this young man playing the violin to a Felix Mendelssohn’s “Dance of the Fairies” together with André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra till the end and will replay it a few times after that. Just beautiful!

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