Rare kitten born with ‘two faces’ grows up to be the most beautiful cat ever

While you may avoid a two-face individual, you unquestionably wouldn’t keep away from this two-faced kitty. Meet Narnia – a chimeric kitten whose unusual features are taking the internet by storm

Narnia, is a British shorthair feline with a very uncommon two-toned fur. Conceived on the 28th May 2017, Narnia quickly stood out of her litter with her interesting highlights. Her breeder, Stephanie Jimenez instantly felt in love with the cute little creature and she knew they would became inseparable ever since

Blue-eyed Narnia lives in France with her family but even though she reached a worldwide fame, thanks to some lovely snaps of her.

Narnia has developed from a small, double-colored little cat into an amazing two-toned feline. And I can honestly say, she’s much more adorable as an adult than she was as a tiny kitten.

It is unsure what causes Narnia’s striking appearance, yet creatures born with this delightful look are known as ‘chimeras’ – a rare natural occurrence whereby an individual is made up of cells from at least two different original eggs. But together, they create a single organism with two different forms of DNA.


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Narnia was initially intended to be two twin kitties, but instead she turned into a delightful blend. Obviously, you don’t see a cat as beautiful and special as Narnia each day. And with such a breathtaking looking you can only be an internet sensation and Narnia is plenty of it. With over 231,000 followers on Instagram, she a social media super-star. Have a look:

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