A kind hearted lion’s change of heart was caught on camera and the rare footage has baffled everyone

This amazing and rare footage show a young lion, savagely pursuing down it’s obviously frightened prey. Yet, once in its claws, you’d expect the worst for the youthful deer. But rather than being its next dinner, the lion suddenly changed his mind and shows the upmost affection towards the baby deer.

In any case, at that point a lioness shows up on the scene, obviously searching for her prey. But, unbelievably, the kind hearted lion fights off the lioness and saves the deer. The video is really astounding and is pretty hard to understand something so beautiful like this. This is what is believed to have happened once the recording ends:

The heart-melting scene was caught on camera by a safari guide and after it has been shared on Facebook, it went absolutely viral with nearly 90 million views! Watch the heartwarming video here:

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