These kids were afraid of their mother so much that only when they grew up, a daughter dared to write her an angry letter

As kids, we don’t see how much our moms accomplish for us. Just with time we understand how much they merit our appreciation. Their affection and care ought to be valued!

Here you can read a letter of a grown-up lady which she wrote to her mom.

“I had the most awful mother on the planet,” that is the manner by which the letter begins.

“At the point when other kids were given sweets for breakfast, she made me eat porridge, eggs, and toast. When other kids purchased soda and candy in the school canteen, I needed to eat a homemade sandwich. Can you imagine how I didn’t like it? Just a single idea relieved me: I was not the only one. My sister and two brothers had the same worst mother!

When we went out to play, we needed to tell the correct time of the arrival. We couldn’t be late. She constrained us to wear clean clothes each day. Other youngsters wore the same outfits for a few days. Some of them laughed at us in because our shirts and dresses were hand-tailored.

Yet, that is not all! Mother was found of a strict discipline. Even if we went to bed after 21:00, we still expected to be woken up at 8 in the morning.

She forced us to wash dishes, change the bed lingerie, prepare food and do different tasks. Once in a while I couldn’t help thinking that during the evening she was not sleeping, but rather she came up with much more chores for us.

Mother forced us to tell the truth, only the truth!

At the point when our friends were permitted not to go to class simply because of a little scratch, we went and got the best marks.

There was no rest even after school. Two of us graduated from the University; none of us had any issues with the law.

Presently I’m also trying to educate my kids. When they say that I’m “frightful,” I feel a specific feeling of pride. I grin since I’m glad that the “worse” mother was mine.

Many thanks to you, mother! We love you!”

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