Jackie Chan Hasn’t Seen His Original Stunt Team In Decades. Then Realizes They’re All Standing Behind Him

Jackie Chan is a titan of Chinese film. Possibly THE goliath of Chinese silver screen. I spent my childhood with Jackie Chan movies. I grew up with the thought that all action movie stars did it like Jackie. Jackie, be that as it may, is particular – and you don’t need to be Chinese to know his physical responsibility to his specialty, his commitment to getting the activity scenes precisely right, even to the detriment of every one of his bones.

To join the Jackie Chan stunt group your aptitudes must be outstanding. You additionally need to make a considerable measure of personal sacrifices, which the team members uncover in an enthusiastic tribute video for Jackie as he acknowledges his honor in front of an audience.

To celebrate Jackie’s lifetime of diligent work, his stunt team, huge numbers of whom haven’t seen each other in years, assembled to shock him at the tribute. The video is turning into a web sensation as a result of how faithful his group is to him and furthermore for how Jackie responds. It’s presumably the best thing you’ll see throughout the day and I’m almost certain you won’t say “nah”.

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