It is the most dangerous place in the world where 8 children have died til now! Would you have the courage to jump in?

Jacob’s well, Texas, is one of the most dangerous and spectacular places in the world! The fountain is a huge hole with a diameter of around 13 feet, where thousands of people come annually to visit! But the people of Wimberley, Texas, consider this fountain a cursed place where eight children died along time!

Despite the horror stories, children and young people generally come very often in this spot for scuba diving and for jumping, being “addicted” of the adrenaline offered by this fountain!

Basically, thrills fans climb on the rocks near the fountain, about 16 feet high from where they jump into this immense hole filled with water! The danger is due to the fact that the hole diameter is very small, and the risk of collision with the rocks is very very high.

So again, would you have the courage to jump in?

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