Impatient dog get tired of sitting in the car waiting for its owners. Hilariously takes matters into his own hands

This lovely pup is prepared to go!

A funny video shows the minute a canine advises its proprietor to hurry up by honking the vehicle’s horn.

Melissa saw a hilarious scene one week when she left a pizza shop in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

As the man passed by her vehicle window she said to him that his canines seemed as though they were truly happy and having a great time. He just gave her a kind smile and went to the store.

After a long blast, the Airedale Terrier in the driver’s seat went right back at it, while his sidekick sat in the back seat holding up to take off! At a certain point the canine in the driver’s seat look at Melissa before continuing the job that needs to be done.

He entered in the store when one of the dogs bounced into the driver’s seat and started to honk for his owner. Funny!

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