If You Spot One Of These Hooks In A Public Restroom, Call The Police Right Away!

As per CBS Miami, snares have been found inside the ladies’ public restrooms, which ended up harboring a concealed camera within the top hanger!

As you will hear in the video underneath, which indicates what the intrusive hangers resemble, to please report anything seen that looks suspicious. The shrouded camera is inside the highest point of the hanger.

The Florida police are gathering legal proof, from a few park bathrooms that were around 100 miles separated. Whether there is one guilty party or not, stays to be seen. However as we all know, having this data out there will prompt “duplicate feline” conduct. Ladies everywhere throughout the nation ought to know about what these hangers resemble, so that this horrendous attack of protection is ceased. The footage underneath will give you more data about what to pay special attention to.

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