If You Find A Penny Placed In Your Car Door Handle, THIS Is What It Means!

Car thieves are continually attempting to discover new plans for getting into your car to take your assets.You might have heard reports of tech gadgets used to enter your auto, but some of the thieves are using a less unpredictable strategy.
Lately there have been reported robberies that includes a new technique: a penny or a nickle! Yes you heard right! When you try to close your car door, check twice, because there might be a nickle or a penny inserted into your door handle. More exactly this kind of thieves slide a penny into your passenger door handle and when you try to lock the doors it won’t work, because the passenger door is jammed.
They will then have the opportunity to get into your car and take anything they need, including the car itself!
Therefore always check the passenger door before living your car, to be sure no penny or nickle has been inserted into your door handle!

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