If You Are Driving Behind Someone And Notice Snow On The Roof Move Away, Or THIS Can Happen!

Jeffrey Cote was driving on the I-495 highway when out of a sudden a huge sheet of ice has smashed on his windshield.
He is lucky to be alive, after from the rooftop of an SUV in front of him, an ice sheet took off , and hammered into his windshield. The shock he experienced was caught on his dash cam.
As the ice sheet took off the suv hood, he never thought it was going to hit his car and not the ground, that’s why he only slow the speed of his vehicle instead of trying to avoid it.
Cote is grateful that he hadn’t sustained serious injuries during the incident, but he cannot say the same of his car, which is pretty damaged.
In the interview he talks the significance of drivers taking the time to clean off their cars from snow and ice, because as you can see from the following footage, this can be very dangerous!

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