Human Asks His Rottweiler To Make His Mean Face. He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Face Ever.

Nowadays it never damages to have a little included security at home, particularly when that insurance comes as an exceptionally adorable pooch.

This Rottweiler’s name is Reese, and he’s been prepared to give a mean face at whatever point his proprietor asks, which I can ensure will off put any unpleasant character that is come around.

This short clasp of him in act is confirmation of his watch pet aptitudes. It begins off with him sitting placidly on a pad and resembling an average male Rottweiler. At the point when his proprietor requests that he go on the defensive, he promptly reacts with a toothy smile. In any case, that is only the starting and Reese is just getting warmed up for what he knows is coming next.

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