How Majestic Animals became warmest, silkiest corner of the web

Messi is a puma, but not the kind you imagine, but a rescued one that shares an apartment with his human parents. Even he weighs a little bit over 90-pound, the adorable creature is no different of a tiny spoiled kitten. In fact, he has all sort of activities a house cat has, including interminable naps on the sofa or climbing the curtains (well…at least he tries). “It’s hard to explain but we believe that having this puma is part of our destiny,” Mariya and Aleksandr Dmitriev ,the couple that raised Messi said.

But for a long time now, the adorable furry creature isn’t a quite a sensation only for her parents, but for the entire Internet. Messi likely would have remain a local legend, if it hadn’t been for Majestic Animals, a wild cats – focused media group that gained a lot of popularity together with its catchy, educational and sometimes quite humorous stories.


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Even a pretty small community, with a little over 1,3 million followers, comparing with the web giants on this niche, Majestic Animals gets millions of visitors each and every month with uplifting stories about majestic animals, mostly big wild cats (like this so-friendly cheetah), unlikely interspecies bonds(like this unusual trio), or heart-melting stories about rescued and adopted animals in need(like this affectionate kangaroo).


Now, among the most popular animal pages on the Internet, Majestic Animals was born from the desire to offer the world a different approach about wildlife, especially threatened species as lions, tigers and so many others. Created by a small group of animal lovers, this community’s goal is to educate people about the importance of the wild animals. They also raise awareness about the risks the animal world is facing due to human hand. In the last three years since created, Majestic Animals had offered numerous viral stories about animals. Using a sometimes hilarious, but always educational tone, its writes brought to us the (ugly) truth about wild ‘beasts’ during our times.

“We all need to understand that [the] protection and conservation of some specific species is fundamental for the good course of the nature,” co-fonder Adrian Andries shared with Luxury and Glamour. “Through our work we tried to offer everyone an easier way to understand that first of all wild animals need to be respected.”


The group had always been against animal mistreatment, of any kind, and they tried to offer a different perspective on activities like circuses or zoos, to educate their followers and make them to acknowledge that there only one place where wild animals should live — in the wild. For instance, one of their articles ‘In this zoo, animals roam freely while humans are caged,’ it is presented a totally different approach of how a zoo should actually looks like. The one-of-a-kind zoo acknowledges that humans have encroached upon animals’ natural habitats, therefore, should pay them a visit – but in a safe, secure vehicle.


“A wild animal, even if not born in captivity, kept in a cage will never be able to return in the wild, and that the saddest thing about the world we live in,” said Tudor, a member of the team.” With every article about rescued wild animals we publish, we try to raise awareness about how we all should treat these majestic creatures.”

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