A year ago, Ed Sheeran filmed a documentary for Comic Relief. He went to Liberia and watched the terrible situations of little boys living in the slums. One young man named JD and his five friends slept in kayaks on the shoreline. They’d have no grown-up supervision – nobody to care for or look after them. Until the point that Ed came along.

The British star refused to abandon these young kids who were raped and beaten by those who are older than them. Their day by day eating routine would consist of some water and one slice of bread. JD had dreams of becoming president, however his present circumstance was critical. The young man’s story moved Ed so hard that he decided to save not only JD but his friends too.

Ed didn’t do that just because he was filmed by cameras; he did it for JD and his buddies. He used personal money to set them up in a house in Liberia’s capital city of Monrovia. They were cared for by a lady they call Ma.

JD recalls how his life used to be; he loves it much more how things are presently because he has somebody in his life who cares for him. “I used to sleep in canoes on the beach with my friends. Now I feel much better because I stay with Ma and she takes care of us.”

“She always comes looking for us to make sure we are ok. She really cares about me. I didn’t have that before.”

“I am very happy to be going to school soon. I want to be president, so I have to learn and study well. When I am president, I can help all the other street children with food, shelter, and school.”

“I want to see all children in school uniforms. If I had not met [charity] Street Child and Ed, I would still be sleeping in canoes on the beach.”

In the video for Comic, Sheeran stated, it truly does not feel right leaving at all. The only and the most noble thing you can do is help them, which we should.

“My natural instinct is to just put them in a car and just take them and just put them in a hotel until we can get them sorted.”

“Can we do that? Can I pay to put them in a house until we get them in a school? It doesn’t matter how much it costs can we just get him and his five mates in a house with an older person to look after them.”

“I don’t think we can go until that’s sorted.”

Respect for Ed for helping these young boys and refusing to abandon them until they were safe. What an extraordinary man!

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