Holmewood House

Considered by its architect the house with the largest sliding glass doors in the world, the house was designed to be a space for contemplation in the wilderness, far from the noise of London.


In the heart of London campaign, the architect Robin Partington has imagined for his client Lady Helen Hamlyn a country house with a unique style.
In view of the Holmewood House, it feels like facing a cave or a modern refuge of the time. Completely integrated in its environment, this residence is one of the most luxurious villas of the surrounding area. On an area of 1.3 square km of land, the House is designed to be a space of contemplation in nature, away from the clatter of London.

Robin Partington is a great architect, specialist of atypical constructions such as the Holmewood House. His work could easily be described as work of art when one sees with what fineness curves of the building embrace the surrounding nature.

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