Heartwarming story of a dog : dismissed for over friendliness, lands an unlikely dream job

Introducing Gavel, the affable German Shepherd who lost his police dog job due to excessive friendliness. Instead of tracking explosives and chasing down criminals for the Queensland Police Service in Brisbane, Eastern Australia, the amiable pup was more inclined towards seeking affection and belly rubs.

But given his handsome demeanor as a service dog, Gavel wasn’t unemployed for long. He swiftly secured a more fitting position, where his inherent sociable and charismatic personality could shine – he was appointed the official Vice-Regal working dog.

Governor Paul de Jersey had met the young Gavel when he was only a ten-week-old puppy. As part of his police dog training, Gavel was to reside at the governor’s official residence. Upon learning that Gavel’s training was discontinued due to his overly friendly disposition, the governor stepped forward to formally adopt the charming canine.

Moreover, Gavel was even allowed to sign his contract which outlined his responsibilities, including welcoming guests and participating in official ceremonies – often while donned in adorable little outfits. Gavel certainly landed on his paws!

Gavel, the German Shepherd, was too friendly for police work, leading to an unexpected career change.
His interests leaned more towards belly rubs rather than law enforcement tasks.

Fortunately, an even better opportunity presented itself almost instantly.

Gavel found a new home with Queensland’s Governor Paul de Jersey, who decided to adopt him.

He was even given the chance to sign his own contract, detailing his duties like welcoming guests…
And attending official events, often decked out in charming little outfits.

Naturally, there are moments when Gavel momentarily forgets his position’s required etiquette.

Nonetheless, Gavel, the congenial canine, certainly made a fine turn of events for himself and appears to relish every moment of his new role!

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