He was utterly surprised when he saw what his daughter learned in school. Priceless!

As a father, I asked my young little girl: “What did you learn in school today?”

She could scarcely hold up to let him know: “We discovered that boys are distinctive to girls.”

I looked in the review mirror yet could just see her hair.

“My teacher said that young men have a thing that young ladies don’t.”

“Ok, yes, that is genuine,” I said, somewhat overwhelmed. I couldn’t consider whatever else to say, so we were peaceful for a minute.

At that point she began talking once more:

“That is the means by which girls realize that boys are boys. They see this thing hangs down, and know: that is a boy.”

In my mind I computed the separation until we made it home. It as of now felt like forever.

“Did you realize that boys swell up when they see a girl?”

My palms started to sweat: “I, ah.. well..”

I was urgently searching for another thing to say, to change the point, when she inquired:

“Why do young ladies like young men to have this thing?”

What might I be able to say? Hadn’t each lady made this inquiry sooner or later?

“Oh, well… um”, I stammered. Be that as it may, she didn’t sit tight for my answer since she had her own:

“This is on the grounds that it waggles when they walk and afterward the girl realizes this is a boy and after that she prefers him.

At that point the boy sees the girl and sweells up and the girl realizes that he additionally enjoys her. At that point they get hitched. And after that they get cooked.”

The completion confounded me however all in all, she’d gotten the job done perfectly.

As we arrived home she angled something out of her school sack and said:

“I drew a photo of what we realized in school today. Would you like to see it?”

I wasn’t totally certain that I did, yet I watched at any rate to clear something up. I needed to take a seat:

Before me lay, in all his puffed up, ladies alluring brilliance, was a cryon drawing of a vast male turkey! His snood, the red thing that hangs down over his snout, the thing that the female turkeys discover so irrresistible, was grand. His tail plumes were standing tall and pleased.

My daughter got insulted on the grounds that i giggled so hard at her drawing, and I snickered until I cried. Yet, when I advised her that I adored the photo, she soon overlooked my chuckling. I will never get this photo out of my head.


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