He has 100 seconds to get everything he wants out of a store! What happens at the end, is impressive!

All of us wish for such an opportunity. How would it be to get anything we want from a store? The list would be endless, but we must confine ourselves only to what we can take over 100 seconds.

At the opening of their new store, Media Markt from Germany, organized this contest. They realized an event on Facebook, where more than 15000 people enrolled, but only one was the winner.

It is a lucky man, who had the opportunity to run for 100 seconds through the store, and can get absolutely everything he wants. All the things had to be taken to a specifically place of the shop, marked on the floor, before time runs out. As soon as he started, he took a tv and on its box he put a few cutting-edge smartphones and laptops. After he ensured that all of the items are in the spot, he went and grab a high value pc gaming. In the last seconds he took everything he could from around his products area.

This race is called ‘ Crazy Run ‘ and began to be increasingly used by large stores.

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