He Hasn’t Seen His Mom In 10 Years—and He Has NO Idea She’s RIGHT. THERE.

Last time Jeffrey Mayi has seen his mother, was 10 years ago and he has no clue what is going to happen. To start with his sibling flies into visit him in Massachusetts. Jeffrey is euphoric to see his brother, yet at the same time has no clue that there is another person right around the corner holding up.

This is what Jeffrey’s spouse needed to say in regards to the shock:

“Jeffrey’s sibling amazed him today by flying in from Florida to meet Christian and I. Jeff’s mother came the distance from Libreville, Gabon. Jeff hasn’t seen his mother in 10 years his response is invaluable. I cherish my man and his gigantic heart. Love my new family as well.”

This video is powerful to the point that it’s been shared 10,000 times and numbering! He truly get’s enthusiastic and you get the opportunity to partake in his emotion.

Indeed, even following ten years and having been isolated by landmasses, the mother-child bond is still as solid as ever! Share this heartwarming video with your friends and family!

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