Grumpy neighbour’s furious when young family moving in, until he spots struggling mum

Not all neighbors are the kind who will welcome you with pies and plates of biscuits, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t help their neighbors in their own specific manner. In some cases the kindest of acts happen when we don’t understand or expect it, and that is precisely what this Farmer’s Department Store commercial shows us.

Peering through his curtains, huffing and scowling, it’s anything but difficult to imagine that this elderly man is your typical grumpy neighbor. However, surprisingly his gruff appearance is hiding a soft center.

Woken from his sleep, he watches the busy streets outside, from moving vans, playing kids and yelling parents, and doesn’t appear to be impressed at all. In any case, maybe our perception isn’t right. As he, one day, hears the shattering of glass, he looks outside his window to see a mother reprimanding her child for breaking her espresso machine.

Seeing that she is upset, he decided to cheer her up in a subtle way. Purchasing a new espresso machine from a store, he goes home and makes it seem like he is tossing it out. He at that point offers the coffee maker to the mother, pretending that he would throw it out anyway. The mother has no clue what a kind deed he is doing, however her child is on to him.

Seeing another neighbor in need, he helps a neighbor, battling with a fussy infant in the sweltering heat, by purchasing another fan and pretending that it is old and used. The young boy’s doubts are affirmed and he chooses to turn the tables on the Secret Santa.

The elderly man had thought no one had seen his kind acts, but there is always somebody watching and taking note. The young man decides to reward the old man in the sweetes way possible!

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