Grandson sends pizza deliveryman to check on grandma after Hurricane hits Florida

What do you do when your relative doesn’t answer the telephone for a really long time? Well this Nebraska man orders pizza!

A 87-year-old Claire Olsen, who lives alone in Palm Coast, Florida, refused to answer the telephone after Hurricane Matthew hit. Her grandson, Eric, called Claire to ensure she was fine and survived the storm. At the point when his calls got no answer, he started to worry.

“I spoke with her on Friday morning, and she had quite recently lost power, and she stated, ‘This is a bad dream,’ and afterward we didn’t get notification from her for two days,” Eric said. “I was calling the police office, I was calling the sheriff’s office, and nobody was replying, so I was truly stressed.”

That is when Eric had the idea to order his granny a pizza!

“So I just said, ‘will order her a pizza, and in the event that they can deliver it, at that point I know she’s alive,'” Eric said.

See in the video below the beautiful story:

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