Golden Eagle vs Mountain Goat. Fight For Survival!

Wildlife cameraman Otmar Penker knows the European Alps and it’s natural life like the back of his hand.

In this way, it ought to be nothing unexpected that he was the one to catch this mind blowing, un-staged meeting of an eagle and a chamois, known locally to the German people as a ‘gams’.

Against the dramatic sight of an abrupt, rocky mountain side, the bird can be seen swooping down towards the goat, sinking its claws into the shoulder of the goat.

This is when the fight starts.

Both creatures, refusing to give up the the fight, begin their drop down the mountain in a burst of feathers and fur, sliding down the side and smacking into stones.

Marked nearly by one of his buddies, the goat figures out how to escape from the falcon claws at the base of the mountain.

Both creatures command enormous respect among those that know the mountains, and the sounds, and crudeness of the video beneath will demonstrate to you why.

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