The Funniest Reactions To Super Sad Pope Meeting The Trumps

Being The Pope isn’t simple. Simply ask Pope Francis. Or, then again even better, simply take a look at this photo of him near Donald Trump. He’s trying hard to smile. He truly is. In any case, a few difficulties are excessively to great, even for a man with God on his side.

The funny embarrassing photo was taken amid Trump’s current visit to The Vatican, and keeping in mind that The Donald is clearing having a fabulous time, the poor Pope looks simply like the most people feel. Significantly more clever than the first picture however is the web’s response to it, particularly the storm of images it’s produced. Look at some of our top picks underneath, and don’t hesitate to join the enjoyment by adding your own particular to the rundown! The Pope won’t chuckle, but we will definitely are. LOL

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