When She Found A 70-Year-Old Grandpa Living In This Ruins, She Thought It Was Her Duty To Help Him

At the point when in February 2017, Katerina Zapselskaya heard about Alexander and his significant other, Tamara, she was stunned. The 70-year-old man lived with his better half, 85, in an abandoned, after being victims of a real-estate scam.

One day, the rooftop dropped down while Tamara was still in the house. Days after the mischance, Tamara passed away. Alexander, all alone on the world, had no place to go.

The previous art critic was working as a watcher. He was guarding the country houses not a long way from Kyiv, Ukraine. He help stray felines and mutts, let them in when it was cold and fed them. He never searched for help, rather was helping living animals himself.

That is the reason Katerina chose to help, she composed a post on Facebook about the old man and requested that people help the kind-hearted man. Alexander, himself, never requested anything with the exception of some sustenance for this felines.

The lady stated, Alexander figured out how to get past the winter, yet now he has no place to live.

Many individuals were touched by this story and helped Katerina to raise enough cash to purchase a container for the man. On Easter, they installed the new house and power in it.

At this moment Katerina is occupied with discovering all basic furniture for the little house, and Alexander can not hide the bliss in his eyes.

He at long last got a possibility for a better life!

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