Fleetwood Mac is reuniting for a farewell world tour in 2018

Fleetwood Mac fans just got the news they’ve been waiting for. The iconic ’70s band intends to rejoin for a goodbye tour in 2018!

Keyboardist Christine McVie affirmed the news on the BBC TV show “The One Show” on Tuesday.

“We will begin practicing in March, one year from now,” she told host Alex Jones. “The tour is around June. It will be worldwide.”

Fleetwood Mac last featured a show back in November 2015. So fanatics of the band most likely feel like this reunion is long overdue!

Fleetwood Mac Side Projects Continue

Nicks continued with her solo career across U.S. this late spring.

Then, McVie and Fleetwood Mac singer Lindsey Buckingham as of late released a self-titled duet album. They chose to cooperate after the last tour, which welcomed back McVie after a long break from the group. She intended to resign from music, however it called her back.


Presently, McVie and Buckingham plan to promote their new album. The funny thing about this album? It likewise includes bandmates John McVie and Mick Fleetwood. Be that as it may, the album is certainly NOT a Fleetwood Mac work.

“John and Mick were nearby and we thought, ‘Well, this will resemble old-home week,'” Buckingham told Variety. “We didn’t really worry about what it was. We simply needed to seek after the process again and take advantage of that side of ourselves.”


“I’m dying for that reunion,” McVie said of “The Classic” shows. “I imagine that will be incredible.”

“Better believe it, it will. And after that obviously the Mac will go back out at some point probably summer of 2018,” Buckingham included.

Can’t get enough of Fleetwood Mac? Watch McVie and Buckingham play out the classic Fleetwood tune “Don’t Stop” with classroom instruments (and a group of students!) on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”


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