Flashlight Test in a 150-Year-Old Abandoned Mine Suddenly Turned to Horror

Exploring mazes of hundred-year-old forgotten mine poles and passages may not be the most secure kind of leisure activity there is. The consistent danger of being pulverized by stones, of undetonated explosives unexpectedly detonating, and of frightful apparition experiences are sufficient to scare any individual who might wish to explore Earth’s subsurface.

Nonetheless, the general population behind the YouTube channel called Exploring Abandoned Mines appear to be unaffected by any of these freaky potential outcomes. In one of the recordings posted on their channel, a man named Frank went live-testing a brilliant spotlight while he was investigating the Waldeck Gold Mine, a 150-year-old abandoned mine pole in Western Australia.

Frank investigated a 150-year-old mine to test his flash light. Yet, he was in for a spooky amazement.

As though the dark and spooky channels are insufficient to terrify the solitary traveler while taking the video, whispers were heard out of sight at around the 12-minute. Envision what you would do in the event that you were in his shoes at the time and you hear the same dreadful mumbles while you’re a several feet underground. Ugh, goosebumps!

Frank at first rejected the whispers as insignificant sounds made by the twist hurrying through the passages. In any case, he inevitably found the sounds excessively unpleasant so he chose, to leave the pole.

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