Firefighters tell top 7 funniest stories

Firefighters are probably the most daring individuals out there. They put their lives in danger consistently at work to keep whatever is left of us sheltered and sound

In any case, they still have those days at work that make them scratch their heads and ponder what the heck individuals were thinking when they called 911.

A portion of the calls firefighters react to are sufficient to make you roar with laughter. I don’t know which must worry them the most, these absurd, entertaining calls, or the genuine ones when residents are in genuine peril. One thing is without a doubt: There is a constant flood of excitement in the life of a firefighter.

These seven stories from genuine firefighters will give you a touch of knowledge into what these fearless spirits experience.

Do you know any firefighters? Do you think they have any insane stories like these?

“A call at night around 11:30pm [sic], 3 kilometers away for a lady who said her house was on fire. When rolled we had a full rescue van full plus 3 men in each other truck and 10 in our crew van. When we got there she said her dog was trapped under its dog house and told us that the only reason she said her house was on fire was because she didn’t think we would come!!” – MAN27

“This is something that happens at every BIG fire. I have A LOT of trouble aiming the deck gun on our tanker at the ‘target.’ Seeing that it creates a large ‘fog’ of water, I can’t actually see where the water stream ends. So I have a reputation of ‘taking out’ several groups of firemen, with one sweep of the stream. At a recent barn fire, I knocked a hose team down twice, and soaked 20-30 firemen, and a ‘whole bunch’ of bystanders.” – Fireguy57

“At about 3:00 a.m. we were dispatched as the second in company on an occupied double-wide mobile home fire. Having just been awakened from a deep sleep, I had to pee like a race horse, but not wanting to waste a second, I jumped on the squad and off we went.

“Every bump was agonizing, and there were a lot of them!” – fireman4949

“Volunteer Department out in the boonies. You bet we get some weird ones! Yes, we have all had the cat stuck in a tree, but have you ever had a dog’s head stuck in a hole in a tree? A very large woman stuck in the mud? Parachuters stuck in a tree? Someone stuck on a toilet? A lot of folks getting stuck these days!” – nvfd1137

“I have been to a bird in a tree… yes they didn’t think clipping the bird’s wings was right and their 1000 dollar bird flew out the door and into a tree.” – dmassey

“It was about 2:00 in the afternoon when the tones for Fire & EMS were dropped, with the dispatcher reporting a ‘pedestrian/motor vehicle — reported 3 year old girl hit by truck with injuries….’

“Upon arriving on the scene and starting my size up, I saw an older lady and a young girl sitting on the lawn under a tree. As I ran up to them the little girl was crying and the older lady had a paper towel pressed to her forehead….

“Asking what had happened, the older lady said to me…. ‘Her older brother threw a truck at her and hit her in the head and she was bleeding.’ Turns out it was a little matchbox truck that the 3 yr old was hit with.” – scottab96

“The other day there were 45-60 m.p.h. winds here. A call came over the radio dispatching us to a man ‘parachuting’ who had fallen…

“Turns out, because it was so windy, the guy thought he could use the same theory as parasailing, using the wind to lift him up. He tied himself off to a tree and strapped the parachute on. Up he went. He was around 150 feet up when the wind speed dropped. He started floating down when the rope broke. Without the rope holding him stationary, the wind provided no lift and the chute folded and down he went.” – RadRob

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