Filipino Diver Captures Underwater Footage Of Scary 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake

If you’ve been watching the news, you are most likely mindful at this point that different parts of the Philippines have been shaken by consecutive seismic waves just as of late. To be particular, reports reveals to us that a 5.6 size earthquake hit the town of Mabini in the region of Batangas, a place well known for scuba diving and snorkeling. It was then trailed by another greatness 6 earthquake, which brought about breaks on little structures and minor landslides.

In a radio discussion with with the local network DZMM, Mabini Mayor Noel Luistro, stated: “Our tourists run from fear that they might be caught by the earthquake and a possible tsunami. I need to declare a state of calamity.”

Villagers went in frenzy as they fled their homes and looked for higher ground because of fear of a tsunami. Government seismologists, in any case, did not announce any warning.

While we know how earthquakes can be truly dreadful, the vast majority of us don’t have any thought how an earthquake looks like underwater.

Jan Paul Rodriguez, a Filipino scuba diver, posted a video on Facebook that shows us precisely that. In his submerged film, we see a few divers in green-blue water as the ground trembles with the noise getting louder and the sands starting to ascend.

Watch the short video here and see with your own eyes:

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