Feather Brows is the Newest Beauty Trend Nobody Expected

The universe of fashion and excellence never stop to advance and apparently, each change brings a more current, crazier and more peculiar trend than beforehand well known fads. Take for instance the fake camel toe undies that nobody requested. Presently, let me show you the most beauty trend that no thought of – the feather brows.

A couple days back Stella Sironen, a Finnish makeup artist, playfully shared a picture on Instagram saying this is the new trend. In any case, the web considered it important and the pattern spread like out of control fire.

Presently a huge number of individuals are bouncing on this pattern and sharing the outcomes. A few people love it, some detest it with every one of their souls yet hello, it’s something new.

To accomplish the look, one needs to part the eyebrow hair in the center utilizing a glue stick (yes, you read that correct – a glue stick). After that, utilizing an eyebrow brush, the hair strands must be separated precisely to fan in opposite directions, bringing about a look that would take after that of feathers in a plume.

A few people think that the new look is strange, while others think that its adequate in spite of being a bit daring. In any case, this new pattern might be something worth attempting, or perhaps not.

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