Farmer turns the camera on, records video that millions have fallen in love with

One day, rancher Jay Lavery chose to open up and share a little mystery with the rest of the world that only his best friends and relatives knew about. That little mystery? Jay has some quite entertaining dancing abilities and loves breaking out a move at his ranch in Sharon Springs, New York.

Jay recorded a video and at first, he just cleans up one of his sheds yet when the famous melody “Shoddy Thrills” from Sia began to hit, Jay changed into a dancing machine. The video of the Jay dancing has been seen more than 11 million times and shared by almost 100k social media users. Jay would now be able to legitimately call himself a viral superstar.

The man has told the Huffington Post that it isn’t uncommon for him to do “insane things”, yet this is the first time that Jay has shared it to the entire world and not only to his close friends.

The man experiences medical problems because of an injury he suffered more than fifteen years ago. Jay has experienced various surgeries and still has enormous back torment that never ends. Jay says that dancing is one of the alternatives to painkillers and would like to inspire others to continue moving with his video.

What beautiful dance moves he has!

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