Farmer revenges on McDonald’s, for cutting his hedge, with a haystack in front of their billboard. Hilarious!

The funny episode occurred in Hampshire. A farmer says that McDonald’s had sliced his fence to raise their roadside sign. It appeared that nothing could be done. In any case, the farmer would not like to leave it without a fight. The man comprehended that he couldn’t take out that board, however he could accomplish something more funnier.

The irate agriculturist just pulled a haystack in front of the sign, so the drivers who use this street consistently can’t see the announcement. That is the reason they don’t visit this restaurant in Owen.

The McDonald’s as of late became one of the greatest eateries to offer table service in this city. Just watch this photo! The farmer presumably was extremely disturbed of his hedge.

Anyway, this highway has a huge number of vehicles cruising by, yet none of the drivers and travelers can see the commercial sign due to hedge.

What an ideal vengeance, yet perhaps it was excessively. What do you think? Share this hilarious story with your friends and family.

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