Everybody laughed at the medical school grad who worked at McDonald’s, but he became a real hero!

All moms on the planet dream to have a child working as a doctor. The reason it’s simple as it sounds, a doctor is a successful person who is well paid and will always have a stable future. All things considered, this man is not even close to this situation, who in spite of graduating medical school in his country, works as an employee at McDonald’s.

Well, the reason Dimitrio Álvarez has turned out to be so famous in Florida of late has little to do with the sudden turn in his professional career, although part of it involves his studies. For reasons unknown a cop was suffering a heart attack while at the drive-through and employees Pedro Vilorio, together with Dimitrio Álvarez, saved his life.

Even though the reason for the officers heart attack is unknown, specialists think it has to do with his dietary habits. Now the two Latin American workers got a unique tribute from Miami city council and the guarantee that they would have the chance to considerably improve their lives.

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