Elephants who don’t want to separate share their last moments of being together

Two elephants are attempting to get one final moment together. It is a sad picture that was taken on a Bangalore, India city road. Sowmya Vidyadhar posted the photograph on Facebook on December 22, and it has circulated around the internet. Elephants have families and solid family connections. They grieve and support their babies – much the same as people.

Infant elephants will remain with their folks for a long time. Did you know elephants are exceptionally shrewd and can even experience jealousy? They can. They are living animals, not instruments for people to use and mishandle as we see fit. It is likely that these two elephants will never see each other again. They are being sent away and will now serve people.

See below the heartbreaking picture


Many individuals who saw the picture responded and shared the bitterness the elephants much have been feeling. Perhaps one day, not long from now, mankind will wake up and act more altruistic!

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