Elderly Disabled Dog Doesn’t Go Anywhere Without His Guinea Pig Best Friend

Throughout history, there were some amazing pairs that proved that together is always better than alone. Robin and Batman. Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Bonnies and Clyde. These are a just a few examples of some magnificent duos that will forever be remembered.

Still, none of those can compete to this amazing pair when it comes to cuteness. Rex the Boxer and Smores the Guinea Pig are taking the internet by storm, and it’s easy to see why. Holly Walthers, founder of Leo Puppy Mill Survivor based on the West Coast of the US, is the one ‘responsible’ for bringing these two fellas together.

The woman has dedicated her life to helping animals like Rex who had little chances of living a healthy, happy life!

Holly rescued Rex from a puppy mill where the dog was kept in horrible conditions. The dog was left to die because he was born with a disability that prevents him from moving and be as energetic as other dogs.
Even though Rex needs a dog wheelchair to move around, he is now one happy dog.

A lot of it is thanks to his friend and companion, an adorable Guinea Pig that is no bigger than a man’s fist. The two have a lot of fun spending time together and keeping each other’s company.

Since Rex met Smores, he has started to be more active and enjoy life more. To help them spend even more time together, Holly altered the dog’s wheelchair to accommodate his furry sidekick. Now that Smores can ride along with him, the two are basically inseparable.
How cute is that?

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