Dramatic Video Shows Moment Elderly Couple Are Swept Away By Stormy Seas On French Coast!

Two old tourists and a bystander who attempted to save them – almost met a watery end when they were cleared away by solid waves. The couple, in their seventies, were dragged into the perilous ocean as they walked around a French shoreline.
As they passed along the coast in Portsall, North Finistère, the couple, aged 75 and 76, were astounded by the power of the waves. The ocean water submerges them both and thumps the elderly man to the floor.
Fortunately they were safeguarded by another passer-by who jumped in after them, and got away without genuine harm in spite of over and again being thumped around the savage waves and dragged out to ocean.
France’s Atlantic coast has been struck by the same storm that has brought about turmoil in Britain this week.


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