Douchebag refuses to stop smoking at the gas station, doesn’t expect what’s about to come

Everyone heard or even used the following sentence: “rules are meant to be broken”, however, the rules were made for a good reason so this world should be a better and safer place. But if you do brake them you’ll need to know that there will be consequences.

So this takes us to the next guy who is in a gas station. Very flammable liquids and gasses. Appears to be quite intelligent to forgo smoking right? Not for this douche, he’ll smoke where he prefers, because he consider himself too col. Where are the gas station attendants? Shouldn’t someone take care of this self-important rascal!

And then this man appeared, a gas station worker has detected the peril and is looking into the issue. Watch the video beneath and see how he deals with the arrogant smoker, it will brighten your day!

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