Dog’s adopted 8 times but always escapes to return to shelter

Gumby is a dog of action that couldn’t be contained. As a dog, he had the tendency to walk or run, to explore every building corners and so on. And through the years he turned out to be a remarkable escape artist. As indicated by BarkPost, Gumby was around 3 or 4-year-olds when he was found on the boulevards of South Carolina and taken in by the Charleston Animal Society.

He was great looking, healthy, and very friendly, so the staff at the Charleston Animal Society knew he’d be adopted in a second.

And he was. They just didn’t thought for how long he would be adopted. His first family couldn’t kept him more than three days. His second family were a bit luckier and enjoyed him for six days.

Gumby spent the following two years being adopted and returned back to the shelter. He was taken back to the shelter by his new families eight times and was picked up off of the streets three times.

His foster families simply didn’t know what to do with him since he would always get away.

At long last one of the staff members at Charleston Animal Society understood why Gumby would always come back to the shelter.

“He knows he has work to do,” Behavior Team Leader Donya Satriale said.

It was found that Gumby had a unique aptitude. The Charleston Animal Society’s staff found that Gumby is an empath and can comfort incoming dogs who are encountering fear and nervousness.

So instead of trying to place Gumby in another home, he now works with Satriale on her team and lives in the shelter. He fills in as the “Ambassa-Dog” and assists with behavioral demonstrations and helping new puppies adapt.

Gratefully, the Charleston Animal Society is a no-kill shelter. In the event that they hadn’t been, Gumby may have had a sad destiny.

Gumby likewise has a second job at the Charleston Animal Society. He helps to heal sick little cats with eye diseases. Gumby gives blood at regular intervals which is used to help the felines to get over their diseases.

“Gumby gives back! Keep in mind Gumby the white dog who came back to the shelter 11 times and now is our playgroup King?” the Charleston Animal Society posted on their Facebook page. “Now he is currently a blood donor for little cats with eye diseases! We draw his blood at regular intervals, extract the white blood cells from his blood and administer to the cats’ eyes! (healing eye drops) The serum from his blood has healing properties! Opie will heal quicker.”

You can help the Charleston Animal Society to help puppies like Gumby by donating on their site.

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