Dog tries to fall asleep, but keeps getting woken up by a lullaby

This doggy is extremely exigent with regards to his taste in music. At the point when his human was rehearsing with her flute, this pup rushed to let her know that he really disliked her playing. What an extreme life it must be to live with such drastic music critic!

In this video a young lady is rehearsing her flute abilities, and just minutes after she starts playing we can hear a bizarre sound coming from the distance. The noise is made by her dog who is complaining about her flute playing. We can’t know exactly whether this pup is opposing, cheering or wining about her music. Perhaps he tries to sing along. But I don’t believe that! Given that he is lying on the floor with his back to his owner while she is playing the flute, demonstrating no enthusiasm for it at all, I don’t think he loves her music at all.

Each time she begins playing the dog begins wining and protesting to the music. He is a real music critic, or possibly he simply doesn’t care for the sound of a flute playing and needs to be left unbothered during his rest time. Nonetheless, not all dogs are the same, some like the sound of a flute playing and some of the time howl so as to tune it up! Have a look:

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